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Your Unique Selling Points (USP’s) could include the way you package your product or service, the way you deliver them, the guarantees you offer, the after sales service you provide and the way you market your products or services. All these things help you develop a unique offer.

The Boston Consulting Group devised a clever matrix of Cash Cows, Rising Stars, Problem Children and Dogs. Companies should know which of their products and services fall into which category and have an agreed product development strategy to ensure the Cash Cows of the future.

Sometimes you need so many words to say something that the best thing to do is say it with a photo, picture or diagram. Positioning maps and diagrams are an excellent way of saying your company is so much better than your competitors but without actually saying so!

It is surprising how many companies do not really understand their customers or why their customers buy from them. Just one day’s well thought out research of your customer base could reveal some very helpful truths.

Professor Igor Ansoff says there are only four strategies for growing a business. A Penetration strategy is the cheapest, simplest and least risky and all companies should have an agreed penetration strategy.

Testimonials are great. You can get well known customers to say things about you that you cannot say about yourself! A testimonial (with a picture) on every page of your brochure and website, adds credibility and enhances your reputation.

They say get big, get niche or get out. The fact is that the more you segment your market and the more you focus, the lower your marketing costs and the higher your gross profit margin.

Under pressure, most companies reduce prices. But as prices are reduced and margins eroded, so quality and service suffer and the pressure increases. The best option is a review of the whole business with a view to formulating a strategy to maximise the remaining profit potential and reduce other costs accordingly.

Selling is the eyeball to eyeball negotiation that closes the deal. Marketing is everything else that creates the selling opportunity. The research that went into the product or service, the pricing and packaging, the means of distribution and the brochures and marketing collateral that supports the sale.

Chris Robinson - Coach

Helping you move Onwards and Upwards

Would you like to take your business to the next level? Would you like to:-

  • Increase profitability
  • Generate more enquiries and close more sales
  • Better understand your market or potential market
  • Further develop your products or services
  • Develop your staff’s marketing or sales skills
  • Improve the perception of customer care

With many years of experience starting and running small businesses, Chris would be delighted to help you develop:-

  • Your full business potential
  • Your inner strengths, qualities & abilities
  • Your ability to overcome business problems

Chris offers a simple pay as you go approach to coaching, helping you and your business move Onwards and Upwards by resolving the above issues.

Call Chris Robinson today on 023 8178 5407 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



"Chris Robinson has trained staff within my companies since 1987. His knowledge and approach has helped many staff to move to a new level of ability, and I have always found investment in Chris well placed."

Lawrence Sheldon,
A Blue Chip Corporation

"Chris’s enthusiasm and encouragement has imbued me with vigour and a real conviction that running a business can be enjoyable."

Tim Lyons,
Tim Lyons & Co

"Communicating enabled us to achieve a more straight forward approach to our marketing. We know Chris will be there when we need support and he is a friendly person to deal with."

Paul Clift,
Working Telecoms

"Chris is hugely experienced in his field. I have found working with Chris has always been very helpful to me."

Andrew Curtis,
Fountain Financial Guidance

"Chris takes the airy-fairy subject of marketing and tells us what to do - brilliant, job done!"

Richard Rhodes,
FCM Services

"All admire the expert way that Chris has organised and presented numerous skills at the training sessions throughout this period."

Rex Brittain,
Group Secretary,
Group 2211 Institute of Advanced Motorists

"We wanted to rebrand the Recovery side of the business, produce a new brochure that positioned us uniquely from our competitors and produce a website. Chris managed the whole process quickly and efficiently and we are delighted with the end results. A number of our customers and competitors have said how good the brochure and website are."

Gordon Johnston,

"The subject of communications is a wide ranging one, and one that is fundamental to our very existence. Chris gave an enjoyable and fascinating insight in to TA and how we can apply it."

Jean Clarke,
Chair, Region 2,
Institute of Advanced Motorists

"We recognised we needed to understand the market we wanted to enter better, and instructed Chris Robinson to design and deliver a market research campaign. Chris got on and completed the work ahead of schedule and within our budget. The results exceeded our expectation and our project has benefited tremendously from the insight the research gave us."

Chris Reynolds
Project Manager,
Equipment Direct

"Chris Robinson has been invaluable in guiding our stratigic policies."

Neil Ward,
Aaron Office Furniture

"The training was concise, well presented and, most of all, directly relevant to what we were trying to achieve"

Charles O'Flynn,
Matchwalk Management Consultants

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